USA Immigration Visa

Any foreign citizen who wishes to enter the United States must obtain a Visa. It could be a non-immigrant Visa for temporary stay or immigrant Visa for permanent stay. Indians have to take a non-immigrant Visa to enter the United States. Non-immigrant Visa is used by business people, tourists, specialty works, and students who wish to stay in the U.S. for a temporary period to accomplish specific purposes. Those availing the non-immigrant Visa must demonstrate to the consular officer that they intend to leave the U.S after their temporary

US Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Indians travelling abroad particularly to the United States need to have a visa to grant them entry into the country. The type of visa required primarily depends on the nature of the visit. Visa applications majority of the time are non-immigrant visas that grant people entry to the United States for a defined period of time. These visas have been categorically defined based on the nature of visit and it is imperative for the Indian traveler to apply for the right visa in order for it to be successfully approved. The below article throws light on the main types of US visas and their base requirements.

Non-Immigrant Visa Requirements for Indians

These type of visas are the most commonly sought after one as it covers a wide array of visits. Non-immigrant visas range from business visas to tourist visas, student visas, transit visas and even visas to carry out religious work. These visas require the applicant to meet certain requirements which are that they should demonstrate to the consular officer, at the time of interview that they wish to visit the United States for a particular period of time and for a specific reason only. They should be able to show financial resources that would cover all expenses during their stay in the United States, they should provide the contact information while staying in the US and show strong ties to their resident country, both economic and social that warrants their return upon the duration of their visit.

Immigrant Visa Requirements for Indians

Immigrant visas are not sought as often by Indians as compared to the non-immigrant visas when visiting the United States. An immigrant visa allows the applicant to make the United States their country of residence. These visas require that the applicant wishing to stay in the United States must have a petition signed by the USCIS and this petition is to be filed either by a qualified relative or a potential employer at a United States USCIS office. Indian applicants are required to file form I-130 by mail with the USCIS office in Chicago. Indian applicants will also be provided instructions on how to carry out the medical examinations and should make the appointments with an embassy panel approved physician only after receiving these instructions.

Document Requirements for Indians Travelling to the United States

Indians visiting the United States will be required to carry with them, the following documents :
  • If you are involved in technical or scientific fields, your visa application may require administrative processing of approximately four to eight weeks. If you think this requirement will affect you, apply for your visa as early as possible, prepare for your visa interview well in advance and bring to your visa interview the following documents:
  • The respective Visa form and fee payment and valid passport
  • Regulation sized photographs
  • A detailed statement highlighting the nature and purpose of the visit
  • Financial records and statements showing sufficient finances to fund the trip and meet expenses incurred during stay
  • Invitation letters from sponsoring organizations such as supervisors and employers
  • Detailed resume highlighting past and current employers and academic backgrounds
  • An itinerary with places that applicant plans on visiting with contact names, addresses, telephone numbers and addresses of any organizations affiliated with the visit
  • If the visit is for research purposes, then a description of the practical applications of the research

Eligibility Criteria for US Visa

The eligibility criteria that Indians must meet in order to obtain a US visa are as follows :
  • The applicant must have a passport that is valid for a period of at least 6 months from the period of entering the United States
  • The applicant must not have any prior criminal cases or any ongoing cases against them
  • The applicant will need to have letter of acceptance from any university in which they wish to study or letter of confirmation by an employer if the visit is of a business nature
  • Applicants must have return tickets to show they intend on leaving the United States according to the dates they have mentioned and validate the duration of stay
  • Applicants should show strong ties to resident country to offset chances of illegal immigration
  • Dependents or spouses travelling with the applicants will need to have separate visa applications

Additional criteria and procedure

In some cases, US visas will require the applicant to undergo medical examinations by a physician that is approved by the Embassy Panel. In some cases, Biometric data will also be required which will consist of a digital scan of all ten digits of the applicant. United States Visa applications for Indians can be done either offline or online. The applicant will need to select the correct type of visa and fill out the form accordingly. In offline mode, the applicant can download these forms and mail the filled out form to the embassy they wish to visit. An online application is of similar nature but the applicant will have to submit the forms online. Upon payment of the fee, the applicant will be allotted an appointment. Both forms of application will require the applicant to attend a face to face interview with a consular officer. Applicants will need to carry with them the required documents along with their passport. The passport will need to be handed over for processing of the visa. Applicants can track the status of their passports through the embassy websites and will also receive regular notifications via email and SMS alerting them of the status and when the passport and visa can be collected.