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US Embassy Starts 12-Day Visa Program; People Waiting Fume Over Backlog

The American Embassy in New Delhi initiated a program dubbed, "12 days of visas" which aims to encourage people to apply for H and L visas. In a video clip shared by the Embassy, it was mentioned that there was an increase of 17 percent in the H and L visa applications, and waiting time has been reduced. Nonetheless, the announcement of the program left many Indians who have been experiencing long delays in getting visa interviews for US travel, fuming.

Canada Marks Record-Breaking Year for Processing Immigration Applications

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has taken action to strengthen the country's immigration system by reducing wait periods and modernizing its services to work more efficiently for everyone. Sean Fraser, Canada's Minister of IRC, emphasized progress that has been made this year, specifically the reduction of application backlogs that have been in inventories of IRCC beyond its service standards.

US Sees 80% Rise in International Students. Nigeria in the Top 10

According to the 2022 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, the number of new international students enrolling in American universities has increased by 80 percent. In turn, Nigerian enrollment has increased by 12.3 percent. With over 948,000 international students, the US continues to be the top choice for higher education.

Planning To Apply to UK Varsities? British Envoy on How To Avoid Visa Delay

British High Commissioner Alex Ellis has urged students to make visa processing fast, saying there's a big intake of student visas for the student session beginning January 2023. According to the Commissioner, he previously said the aim was by the end of this year to be turning around visit visas from India to the United Kingdom within the standard time of 15 working days and the great news, he added, is that his team has now achieved it.

Australia Needs US-Style Green Card: Universities

The tertiary education sector recommended that Australia should adopt a US-style green card to allow priority workers to receive fast-tracked permanent residency and increase migration flexibility. Universities Australia has also called for temporary graduate visas to be granted automatically to all international students who complete their studies and pass character checks.

German Ambassador to India on Student Visa Application Process and Newly Introduced Aps System

Philipp Ackermann, the German ambassador to India discusses the importance of the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) which will help streamline and facilitate the visa application process and verification of academic credentials for students. The ambassador also recommends that international students begin the whole process from APS application to the start of their studies in Germany, at least one year in advance.

Despite Australia’s Student Visa Blues, Its Largest State Rolls Out Initiatives for Indian, International Students

More than 40,000 international students were enrolled in universities across Western Australia between January and September 2022, with Indian enrollees comprising 7,900 of the total enrollments. Until June 2022, Indian students in Australia totalled over 52,000, a larger number than the 2021 record of 48,346. This comes after a challenging phase for the international education sector in Australia which witnessed a seven-percent drop in international student enrollment in 2020 compared to 2019.

Study in New Zealand: Application Process, Cost for International Students

New Zealand may have only eight universities in total, but all of these schools are listed in the top 500 of the QS World that's why it is also being considered a growing hub for higher study. With a rich culture, outstanding academia, and excellent career growth opportunities, this small island country is poised to become a major destination for higher studies.

More Than Cash Cows: Overseas Students Key to Migration Program

According to Dr. Abul Rizvi, former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration in Australia, universities should encourage international students to study traditional trades and assist them in finding appropriate migration channels, as opposed to only accepting students who can pay. The former must face the problems that they can fix in order to recruit the best students.

Data Show Int’l Students Are More Interested in Science & Engineering Than Americans

Data from the National Foundation for American Policy show that US universities would find it hard to maintain graduate programs in the field of science and engineering if a high number of international students wouldn't enroll in these programs. As specified in the analysis, the number of full-time graduate students in electrical engineering in the US was 9,083 in 2019 compared to the number of full-time international students which is 26,343.

Good News for Students Who Wish To Study in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs has revealed that more than 65 percent of student visa applications have been on-hand for less than one month. The agency said it has granted a record 165,700 offshore student visas from June to early December 2022, which is 58 percent more than the levels for the same period prior to the pandemic in 2019.

The Process of Planning Overseas Education in Australia

Since its borders were once again opened to foreign students in December 2021, Australia has experienced a significant rise in popularity as a study abroad destination.The moment appears right for Indian students to focus their attention on Australia as they plan their higher education, with over 1,01,000 student visas approved globally and over 9,000 of them coming from India.

Featured Institution - Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) is known as the Graduate School for the Common Good founded by Glasgow Caledonian University. GCNYC has 142 years of academic excellence to bring a distinctly global perspective to degree programs focused on profitable sustainability.

The research-based graduate programs at GCNYC are created for students who want to enter their fields as authorities and ethical leaders. Students have a wide range of degree options, including risk management, social business and microfinance, and fashion marketing and branding. The courses are based on the most effective approaches to higher education in Scotland and America.

Featured Program - Health Sciences at Brescia

In Brescia's Health Sciences program, students will have a lot of freedom to combine topic areas of interest to achieve a major in a related field of study. This includes researching health across the life span, learning about aging populations, or investigating the ethics of health promotion. Employment opportunities for graduates include audiologist, wellness educator, community health consultant, doctor, and more.

US Embassy Issues Update For Indians Who Applied For US Student Visa 2022

  • The Embassy of the United States (US) in New Delhi, India has issued an update for Indian students who had applied for their interviews.
  • The embassy in the update said that it will continue the interview process for those with had received the confirmed appointments.
  • The embassy also said that it has already interviewed a record number of Indian students for the winter season between 01 Oct 2021 to 15th January 2022.