New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is considered among the most beautiful countries in the world, finding itself on the “must visit” list of most travelers. The island nation is known for its natural beauty, offering a wide array of sightseeing options. In addition to travel, the country is also home to excellent educational institutes which provide quality education. A vibrant economy and strong connection to the past make it an ideal destination to visit and spend time. Unlike a number of countries, New Zealand does not have extremely strict visa regulations, providing a visa to genuine applicants.

How to get a New Zealand Visa

New Zealand provides a host of opportunities to individuals, be it with regards to travel, work, study, investment or settling there. Depending on the need, one can apply for a New Zealand Visa. One needs to figure out the kind of visa they need, applying for the same either online or through the Embassy of the country. In case one wishes to apply online, they will need to check whether they satisfy certain basic eligibility criteria, post which they can log onto the official website of the immigration department and apply for a visa. The right documents should be in place, in addition to proof of financial stability and skillset of an individual.

Types of New Zealand Visas

New Zealand offers a host of visas to individuals and groups alike, with the different options listed below : Tourist/Visitor Visa – This permits an individual or a group to visit the country for a specific period of time, with the purpose of visit being sightseeing, visiting family and friends, or recreation. One can stay up to a maximum of 9 months on this visa, which does not have a provision to work on it. Sports/Artist Visa – This is a subcategory under the tourist visa and is given to individuals who visit the country for sports/artistic events. It enables them to perform in the country for a specific duration, during which they are entitled to earn as well. Student/Study Visa – This is designed for individuals who wish to pursue education in New Zealand. One can opt for either a short-term or a long-term course. This visa is subject to them getting admission into a particular university and also enables them to work in certain cases. Work Visa – This visa is provided to individuals who wish to pursue a career in the country. One needs to be skilled and is expected to meet certain criteria to get it. Officials could insist on a job offer before the visa is sanctioned. Investor Visa – This visa is designed for individuals who wish to invest in the country. It provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to set up a business in New Zealand, helping both the individual and country develop together. Partner/Child Visa – This is designed for the children and/or partner of a New Zealand citizen. It can be utilized by individuals who need to be in the country to support their partner, and varies from a case to case basis. Each category has a number of further subcategories when it comes to Visas, providing comprehensive options to individuals.

New Zealand Visa status

Individuals who have applied for a New Zealand Visa can check the status of their application by using the official website of the immigration department of the country. One can click here to see the latest updates regarding their application. They will need to register themselves by entering their basic information, including their name and email id. After choosing a password and answering a security question they will be provided a login id. They can use this id and the password to check the status of their application.

New Zealand Visa requirements

Some of the key requirements which should be satisfied in order to get a New Zealand Visa include :
  • Character – An applicant should not have police cases against him/her and should be of decent character. This is a simple requisite to ensure that there is no threat to anyone in the country.
  • Duration – An applicant should be clear about the amount of time he/she wishes to spend in the country. Each visa has a maximum time period associated with it and an individual should ensure that he/she doesn’t overstay.
  • Tickets – An applicant should provide proof of his/her return journey. This means that return tickets could be required as proof.
  • Funds – Staying in New Zealand is not very expensive, but an applicant should have sufficient money to last the trip. He/she will be required to show proof of funds for the trip. This amount should cover basic requirements.
  • Sponsor – In certain cases, an individual might be asked to provide details about the individual sponsoring his/her trip.
  • Admission – In case an individual is applying for a student visa, he/she should provide proof of admission into a recognized college/university.
  • Business – If an individual is coming to New Zealand to work, he/she might be asked to provide proof of employment. This depends on a case to case basis and might not be asked in all cases.
  • Fees – An applicant should pay the required fee before the application is processed. This means that funds need to be arranged at the time of application itself.
  • Documents – Applicants need to have the necessary documents before they can apply for a visa. A valid passport, admission/work letter, tickets, etc. should be ready in order to complete the process.