Dependent Visa

Dependent visa is a visa issued to people who are eligible to live with the immigrant on the immigrant’s visa, in a foreign country. The immigrant and the dependent must be related as the relationship between the two candidates is essential and is ultimately used as a proof check. The person who opts to migrate to a foreign country is known as an “immigrant”. A person who depends on the immigrant’s visa is known as “dependent”.

Usually, dependent visa is classified into two categories:

Temporary Visa:

The following people are the holders of temporary dependent visa:

  • Work, intra-company transfer, Student, Fiancé

Permanent Visa:

The following are the holders of the permanent dependent visa:

  • Spouse and children below the age of 18-21.

People who are categorized as ”Dependent visa holders” are actually termed as “Immigrant Dependents” because they are depending on the immigrant’s visa to stay.

Dependents must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for a visa:

  • The dependent must demonstrate the relationship on which the application is based and provide documentary evidence of this relationship.
  • The dependent must provide evidence either that the main applicant has enough funds/income to support the dependent or that the dependent has sufficient funds to support themselves, without access to public funds.


Documentation, Identity proof, Marriage Certificates are used as a proof for verification.

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