Canada Investor Visa

You can gain from obtaining a visa as a foreign businessperson or investor through investment immigration channels like Canada's Investor Visa programmes. Different immigrant investor programmes that lead to permanent residency have been developed by the Canadian government. You can find out what business immigration programmes are available to you and which one will work best for you on this page.

What are Canada’s Investor Visa and Investment Immigration Programs?

For foreign business owners, investors, and corporations, Canada offers a number of immigration options that qualify candidates for permanent status. As a result, there are various choices for investor immigration rather than a single Canada Investor programme. Programs offered at the federal and provincial levels, as stated below, can be included. Your immigration strategy's success depends heavily on picking the appropriate federal or provincial immigration scheme. It is crucial to choose the programme that best fits your professional and personal history. Using our free instant assessment tool will undoubtedly assist you in making the best choice, and if you still require assistance, our top company immigration lawyers will be happy to provide you with insightful counsel during our complimentary 60-minute strategy discussion.

Canada’s Federal Investor Programs

The following are business immigration programs that are created on the federal level.

Intra Company Transfer (ICT)

If your business is already legally operating in your native country, you can transfer it to Canada and grow it there with the help of the ICT programme! After conducting business in Canada for a year, you will often be qualified for permanent residency.

Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian Start-Up Visa, which allows up to 5 founding partners eligible for permanent residency in Canada, is advantageous for owners of creative overseas enterprises. It's vital to emphasise that for this programme, established startups with an emphasis on encouraging innovation are favoured. The venture capital funds that are needed for this programme are external investors. The process of getting permanent residency can take up to two years. Study up on the Start-Up Visa.

Entrepreneur Visa

For those who desire to launch a new business in Canada or invest in an existing one, the C11 Entrepreneur stream is ideal. You can apply for permanent residency after conducting your business in Canada for a year. Find out more information about the C11 Entrepreneur programme.

LMIA Work Permit Program

Through the LMIA programme, business owners and investors can get a work permit and, after working in Canada for two years, a permanent residency. This programme is more specifically designed to hire international workers. This programme is typically favoured above the others mentioned above. Find out more about LMIA.

Provincial Investor Immigration Programs

On a provincial level, Canadian governments provide a range of immigration initiatives to encourage investment and long-term habitation in different regions of the nation. The following is a list of these Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).


The Alberta Immigration Program is the name of Alberta's PNP programme (AAIP). Due of Alberta's continuously expanding economy in the area, it is one of the most watched programmes in the Canadian prairies.

British Columbia

You might be qualified for the BC PNP immigration pathway in this province. Along with Ontario's programme, this province's PNP pathway is one of the most well-known in Canada. The largest provincial economies in the nation are those of these two provinces. Watch our video to learn more about it!


The Farm Investor Pathway and the Entrepreneur Pathway are two PNP alternatives available in Manitoba. You might be qualified for the BC PNP immigration pathway in this province.

New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program in this eastern province is well established (NBPNP). Here's additional information on it.

New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program in this eastern province is well established (NBPNP). Here's additional information on it.

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program in Nova Scotia offers advantages to immigrant business owners (NSNP). Join us as we learn more about it.


Due to Ontario's economy, this province boasts one of the most well-known PNP programmes. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is very well-liked by international investors. Find out more about it.

Prince Edward Island

The PEI Provincial Nominee Program is made available by the smallest province in Canada to businesses, entrepreneurs, and foreign investors alike. Join us as we explore the programme.


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is available in this prairie province and is best suited for business owners and farmers.


Quebec does not have a PNP scheme, however it does have an investor programme that is similar. You can create a business in Quebec or make investments in one that already exists as an immigrant investor. Learn more about the investor programme in Quebec.

Who Should Apply to Investor Programs?

Every one of the above programs has its own eligibility requirements and application process, but most share some common elements:
  • Operate a successful business or have enough funds to buy or start one in Canada;
  • Have at least $250,000 that you can invest in your Canadian business;
  • Possess necessary skills for business development and business management; and
  • Have the ability to use your business experience to build a business in Canada.
You can check your eligibility for investor immigration using our rapid assessment tool, and you can get specialised guidance during our one-hour strategy discussion with you. You are most likely to have your business immigration application approved if you meet the standards and are from the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, India, or any other nation in the world. In particular, if you fall under any of the following, you ought to think about Canada's schemes for residence by investment:
  • Investor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Self-employed person
  • Executive or senior manager
  • Skilled worker and professional
You should look into some investment immigration ideas if you are unsure of the kind of business or investment you want to make in Canada in order to uncover acceptable chances and inspiration. Everyone who enters Canada legally as a business immigrant is qualified for permanent residency. You will get a work visa as soon as your business immigration application is approved because your Canadian employer will hire you. You can apply for permanent residency after running your firm for at least a year. You may potentially be eligible for Canadian citizenship once you have been granted permanent residence.

The entire process can be summarized as follows:

  • Establish or buy a Canadian company;
  • Your Canadian company employs you;
  • Apply for a work permit through a business immigration program;
  • Operate your business in Canada for one year;
  • Apply for permanent residency; and
  • Become eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Family Members

Many business owners desire to bring their families to Canada. You should be aware that business immigration will allow your family members to travel with you. Typically, an open work visa would go to your spouse or common-law partner. Additionally, depending on their age, your children would apply for temporary residence permits or study visas. The family members will be qualified for permanent residency as well as the primary applicant.

Advantages of Canada’s Citizenship by Investment Programs

There are numerous reasons you want to make Canada a new home for you, your business, and your family. For instance:
  • Canada has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world;
  • You can qualify for permanent residence much faster than in other countries;
  • Canada is multicultural and diverse;
  • Society is highly acceptive of all nationalities and cultures;
  • Canada supports new businesses, and often the government will provide subsidies and rebates for certain industry sectors;
  • Canada has a free healthcare system; and
  • Education in Canada is highly affordable and is of a very high standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions based on our experience.

How much do you need to invest to immigrate to Canada and get a permanent residence?

In our experience, foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and companies will generally need at least $250,000 to invest in their Canadian businesses through Canada’s investment immigration programs.

Can I immigrate to Canada by investment?

Yes, you can! Canada has a variety of investment immigration programs for you to choose from. See the above list of federal and provincial programs.

What countries offer citizenship for investment?

Many countries offer immigration schemes that can lead to citizenship which are often referred to as golden visas. For example, America’s EB-5 program is similar to Canada’s Entrepreneur C11 pathway. Both offer the same result, a Work Permit, then PR (green card), and eventually citizenship, but the process varies dramatically.