Study Permit :

A foreign national may apply for a study permit if they want to come to Canada to study at a designated learning institution (DLI). Foreign nationals who wish to apply for a Study Permit must:

Be enrolled at a DLI.

Give evidence of your ability to pay your tuition, your living expenses while in Canada, the expenses of any family members you will be bringing with you, and your return travel for everyone you brought with you.

Provide a police certificate and medical exam, upon request by the government.

Show an officer that once the study period begins or the study permit expires, you'll be leaving Canada.

Obtaining a Study Permit:

By submitting an online application through the Student Direct Stream, a foreign citizen residing in China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Vietnam, Senegal, or the Philippines could be able to get a Study Permit more quickly. When submitting an application for a study permit, there are requirements. The foreign national is responsible for monitoring their progress toward programme completion, adhering to the restrictions listed on the study permit (such as being allowed to work or travel within Canada), and ceasing their studies if they no longer meet the requirements.

What is the processing time?

Depending on the country from which the application is made, processing periods may differ. The processing time for a foreign individual applying for a study permit from outside of Canada is roughly seven weeks. The processing time for a foreign applicant for a study permit made from within Canada is roughly nine weeks.

The Government of Canada may request biometrics from the applicant once they have applied for a study permit. The time required to provide your biometrics is not included in the processing time for the Study Permit.

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