Express Entry

Through the Express Entry programme, a foreign skilled worker who wants to move to Canada may try to become a Permanent Resident. Qualified Candidates can submit their personal information to the Canadian government via the government of Canada's website, and after receiving a score based on their qualifications and experience, they will be added to the Express Entry pool. The Canadian government will send invitations to those who scored the highest to apply for permanent residence in Canada around every two weeks.

Express Entry Programs:

To qualify for Express Entry, you need to qualify under one of its 3 programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker:
  • Canadian Experience Class:
  • Federal Skilled Trades:
  • The requirements for each programme vary, and your eligibility is determined by a number of factors, such as your level of education, work history, and English language proficiency.

What is the processing time?

You will have to wait to apply for permanent residency after being accepted into the Express Entry pool. The Canadian government will send invitations to apply for permanent residency based on scores roughly every two weeks. The likelihood of being invited increases with your score.

Depending on your personal background and the number of persons you were invited with at the same time, processing durations may vary. From the time an application is submitted through Express Entry until a permanent residency is granted, it typically takes 6 months, but it might happen sooner or later.

Learn more about Express Entry and how it applies to you specifically.