Hungary Investor Visa

Hungary Investor Visa

Hungary has made the most of the its more than perfect geographical location to fruitfully emerge as an industrialized, and logistics, not to mention services powerhouse even as the cost of doing business in Hungary is neither too high nor exorbitant.

The overall business opportunities across the nation, more so in the capital, Budapest, are ever-growing even as these have been radically augmented in recent years, thanks to the unexpected swell of global firms setting-up organizations in the nation.

While a reduction in unemployment has been noticed, a present shortage of specifically trained people in industries, comprising the metallurgy, car manufacturing &construction business has been also seen. Almost 33% of almost each and every business done in the nation is carried-out in Budapest. Given this–in case you are eager to launch a company in Hungary you will not get a better option that the capital.

Tax Benefits

At only 10%, the nation has possibly the least corporate tax rate across the whole Europe, and this makes it pretty sensible to shift proceeds to the many Hungarian subsidiaries.

Trained, Committed Individuals

Its qualified, creative manpower is accessible for just 33% of the cost of their Western European matching parts. The administration’s attempts to boost employment have formed a rather supportive atmosphere for recruiters, with non interventionist employment rules &regulations. Robust employer rights make it quite simple to use only those one requires. Against this backdrop, the labour market conditions of Hungary are appreciably more flexible and fairly priced, in relation to those in Western Europe. Not Too High Costs

The prices of real estate have nose-dived by close-to 30% since 2008 even as the costs of business services are incredibly low, vis-à-vis Western Europe. The overall cost of doing business in Hungary is not too high even as the nation has taken advantage of its just right geographical setting to emerge as a manufacturing, and logistics, besides services powerhouse.

Business Immigration in Hungary

Hungary offers temporary and permanent residence permits to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors. To start the business immigration procedure, we need to set up a Hungarian company, prepare a business plan, and ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operation are met. Once the director has his permit, the spouse and children can also apply for family unification and come to Europe. This program is available to all nationalities.

Doing business in Hungary

In order to be eligible for this program, you need to start and operate a Hungarian company. This is quite easy to do, however, because Hungary offers a very favourable business environment, with a low corporate tax (9%), cheap and convenient company formation, a central location in Europe and within the Schengen zone, and relatively low living and operating costs. If you wish to start a business in Hungary or move some of your existing business activity to Europe, we can assist you in writing a business plan that will satisfy the residency requirements and also help you realize your business goals.

Business visas

To start this procedure, you will have to travel to Hungary at least briefly, to open a bank account for your new Hungarian company. If you already hold a Schengen visa for Europe, you can use that to enter Hungary alternatively, we can help you acquire a short-term business visa for this purpose.

The benefits of a Hungarian residence permit

By acquiring residency in Hungary through business ownership, you and your family will be able to travel freely to
and within the Schengen zone, and take advantage of Hungary’s low living costs, favourable business environment and central European location. Schedule a meeting with one of our business and immigration experts to discuss these benefits and the best procedure for you and your family!

1.Hungary Residency Bonds

Hungary has launched a new immigration program for investors. You can get fast Hungary Permanent Residence (PR) if you invest EUR 300,000 in Government bonds against which a PR for 5 years is issued. In addition to investment amount, there are additional costs of EUR 60,000. The total amount comes around 360,000 Euros (approx). With the PR issued by Hungary, you can travel to all schengen countries visa free.
You can pull out the investment after 5 years,still you get to keep the PR in Hungary. Hungarian passport after 8 years of wait under this program provided knowledge of Hungarian.

Hungary Business Immigration

We offer cheap business entrepreneur immigration program to our clients to move to Hungary. Just form a new company in Hungary and as a business owner, you can move to Hungary with your family. The most popular form of company among foreigners is Kft (single person owned LLC). The minimum capital required is approx EUR 10,000 (3,000,000 HUF) to form a company. The company formation is very fast and usually it takes 1-2 weeks. Hungary is a business friendly country and corporate taxes are 10% for small scale companies. Hungarian companies are given VAT number and are required to file taxes every year, based on your worldwide income. Once company formation is done, and all papers are obtained, non EU persons can apply for long term visa at the Hungary embassy in your country. You will be initially given 30 day Centry visa to enter Hungary, and once you are in Hungary, You will be given residence permit in the form of biometric residence card. This “temporary” residence card allows you to stay in other European schengen countries and stay there for up to 90 days in 6 month period. The residence card is valid for 1 year and after that yearly renewals are done. After 3 years of stay in Hungary, you are eligible to apply for “Permanent residence card”.

We can assist you with power of attorneys, company formation in Hungary, opening bank account, obtain residence permits, visa formalities, accommodation.

  • EU member country
  • Visa free travel to Schengen and other EU countries
  • Cheapest Immigration Program in Europe
  • Affordable, Low cost of living in Hungary
  • Establish a Hungarian company.
  • Prepare an appropriate business plan.
  • Ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operation are met.